My Hometown (マイ・ホームタウンMai Hōmutaun) is the eighteenth episode of the Golden Time anime series, which aired on February 13, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

Koko enters Banri's apartment alone after going through his mail because she misses Banri so much. After throwing a tantrum and sniffing Banri's pillow, she tries to get a hold of herself by doing The Exorcist. Nana catches her in the act, then suggest that Koko do that during Nana's next show, but Koko refuses. Koko then tackles Nana in a stranglehold, trying to get Nana to not rat her out that she went into Banri's room and did what she did while he wasn't there. Koko agrees to do anything else to help, and Nana takes her up on her offer, using her as the guinea pig for another idea for Nana's act. Meanwhile, at the Banri home, Linda and her brother show up to go to the class reunion. During the drive, Linda spots the mirror Koko gave to Banri, and determines that Banri is very nervous. At the high school, Banri becomes so nervous about not having his memories that he won't move, so Linda tricks him to into going into the reunion. They arrive and everyone puts on a red or blue shirt with nametags to play a dodgeball game rematch when Banri's team beat Linda's team on a hotly disputed technicality. After Linda uses the same technicality to win the game, the class catches up at the party with many of his classmates warmly welcoming him despite his not remembering any of them. They then start relating stories of the old Banri, much to his embarrassment. When their sensei arrives and relates another characteristic of old Banri, Banri feels even worse, but soon after taking pictures with former classmates he feels better. Later that night, Linda and Banri talk on the way home and how Linda is happy that Banri has finally accepted his situation despite all the friction between them, as well as how Linda has come to accept their situation as well. Banri then goes to take a picture of the bridge where he fell, then experiences a vision of the accident. He tries to save the ghost Banri but ghost Banri forces himself to fall, and new Banri drops his mirror and breaks it, wondering if his memories are returning.

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