Masquerade (マスカレード Masukarēdo?) is the seventh episode of Golden Time TV Anime series.


After Kaga Koko's confession of love to Banri, she's taken to the police station for bicycle theft (the bike she stole to catch-up to Banri). Banri is greeted by her father at the station, and even hits her for being "such an idiot". He apologizes to Banri for all she's put him through and hopes that this event won't stop him from being her friend. She says to her father that Banri is not a friend, and replies in English, "My boyfriend".

The next day, Koko is more cheerfull than usual thanks to her new found relationship with Banri. "2-D Kun" says that they are a "sight for sore single's eyes" and hates on Banri for his "lucky" girlfriend.  Mitsuo arrives at the university with new blonde hair, which Banri compliments. Mitsuo says that he was so emotional over Chinami's rejection that he went to a barber shop to get his hair shaved off. The barber requested that he practiced their hair-bleaching and his current hair was the result. When Mitsuo promises to act normal around Chinami, he runs off when she appears.

Chinami tells the group that Mitsuo requested to her that she is to never talk to him again after what he did and how everyone around him is gossiping about it. She agrees to make Mitsuo feel better, yet hopes that he will be able to talk to her again soon. Meanwhile, Banri is receiving frequent calls from Linda to meet and chat about what happened yesterday at the festival club. When Nana, Banri's next-door neighbor gets involved, she tricks Banri into coming to his appartment alone by calling him about a plumbing leak. There she forces Linda, who is waiting in her appartment, and Banri into Banri's appartment, and says that she's disgusted that they can't talk about their feelings to each other.

In private, Linda tells him that he has always been special to her, and she was like her older sister in high school even though he was unpopular and hard to get along with. Banri apologizes for yesterday, yet Linda says that she should be the one apologizing after all the trouble she has put him through in the past. She tells Banri that she hopes they continue to be good friends like they were in high school, and Banri wishes for the same. The episode ends when Koko calls Banri about "Mitsuo being in trouble".




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